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Topics 2006-2007

Date Presenter Paper

Organizational meeting

Introductions, Choose Fall topic, How to choose and critique a paper.

Fall 2006: Development and Stem Cells

Date Presenter Paper
10/4/06 Lindsay Lewellyn Lee et al. (2006) Brat Is a Miranda Cargo Protein that Promotes Neuronal Differentiation and Inhibits Neuroblast Self-Renewal Dev. Cell 10: 441-449.
10/11/06 Tony Essex Yoo and Greenwald (2005) LIN-12/Notch activation leads to microRNA-mediated down-regulation of Vav in C. elegans.Science 310: 1330-1333.
10/18/06 Jason Goode Sustar and Schubiger (2005) A transient cell cycle shift in Drosophila imaginal disc cells precedes multipotency. Cell120: 383-393.
10/25/06 Rany Salem Lu et al. (2004) Gene regulation and DNA damage in the aging human brain. Nature 429: 883-891.
11/1/06 Carrie Louie Sawamoto et al. (2006) New neurons follow the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the adult brain. Science 311: 629-632.
11/8/06 Wendy Alcaraz Cappello et al. (2006) The Rho-GTPase cdc42 regulates neural progenitor fate at the apical surface. Nat. Neurosci. 9: 1099 - 1107
11/15/06 Dustin Wakeman Kuwabara et al. (2004) A small modulatory dsRNA specifies the fate of adult neural stem cells. Cell 116: 779-793.
11/29/06 Jarrod Heck Cohen et al. (2006) Opposing Activities Protect Against Age-Onset Proteotoxicity. Science 313: 1604-1610.
12/6/06 Natalie Kardos Kawakami et al. (2006) Wnt/b-catenin signaling regulates vertebrate limb regeneration. Genes & Development in press. Supplemental data
Winter Break

Winter 2007: Population Genetics

Date Presenter Paper
1/3/07 Madeline Lancaster

Olendorf et al. (2006) Frequency-dependent survival in natural guppy populations. Nature 441: 633-636.

1/10/07 Kelly Lagor (rescheduled) Song et al. (2006) POL and PLL1 phosphatases are CLAVATA1 intermediates required for Arabidopsis shoot and floral stem cells. Development 133: 4691-4698.
1/17/07 Janine Low Tishkoff et al. (2006) Convergent adaptation of human lactase persistence in Africa and Europe. Nature Genetics 39: 31 - 40.
1/24/07 Molly Bush Spielman et al. (2007) Common genetic variants account for differences in gene expression among ethnic groups. Nature Genetics
1/31/07 Dan Clark Murgia et al. (2006) Clonal Origin and Evolution of a Transmissible Cancer. Cell 126: 477-487.
2/7/07 Ali Torkamani Ramachandran et al. (2005) Support from the relationship of genetic and geographic distance in human populations for a serial founder effect originating in Africa. PNAS 102: 15942-15947.
2/14/07 Dustin Wakeman Anderson et al. (2006) Ice-age endurance: DNA evidence of a white spruce refugium in Alaska. PNAS 33: 12447–12450.
2/21/07 Rany Salem Sladek et al. (2007) A genome-wide association study identifies novel risk loci for type 2 diabetes. Nature (advance online publication 11 February 2007).
2/28/07 Jarrod Heck Yoshiura et al. (2006) A SNP in the ABCC11 gene is the determinant of human earwax type. Nature Genetics 38: 324-330.

Emily Davis

The Autism Genome Project Consortium (2007) Mapping autism risk loci using genetic linkage and chromosomal rearrangements. Nature Genetics 39: 319-328.

Spring 2007: Behavioral Genetics

Date Presenter Paper
3/14/07 Natalie Kardos Kim et al. (2006) A polymorphism in the norepinephrine transporter gene alters promoter activity and is associated with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. PNAS 103: 19164-19169.
3/21/07 Kelly Lagor

Riley et al. (2006) Alcohol dependence is associated with the ZNF699 gene, a human locus related to Drosophila hangover, in the Irish affected sib pair study of alcohol dependence (IASPSAD) sample. Mol. Psychiatry 11: 1025–1031

Scholz et al. (2005) The hangover gene defines a stress pathway required for ethanol tolerance development. Nature436: 845-847.

Spring Break
4/4/07 Madeline Lancaster Clutton-Brock et al. (2006) Intrasexual competition and sexual selection in cooperative mammals. Nature 444: 1065-1068.
4/11/07 Janine Low Dorus et al. (2004) Rate of molecular evolution of the seminal protein gene SEMG2 correlates with levels of female promiscuity. Nature Genetics 36: 1326-1329.
4/18/07 Molly Bush Roybal et al. (2007) Mania-like behavior induced by disruption of CLOCK. PNAS 104: 6406-6411.
4/25/07 Dan Clark Conti et al. (2007) Region-specific transcriptional changes following the three antidepressant treatments electro convulsive therapy, sleep deprivation and fluoxetine. Mol. Psychiatry 12: 167–189.
5/2/07 Ohn Chow Winslow et al. (1993) A role for central vasopressin in pair bonding in monogamous prarie voles. Nature 365: 545-548.
5/9/07 Lindsay Lewellyn Research talk
5/16/07 Tony Essex Research talk
5/23/07 Jason Goode Research talk
5/30/07 Rany Salem Research talk
6/6/07 Carrie Louie Research talk
6/13/07 Wendy Alcaraz Research talk

Faculty: Bruce Hamilton (Course Director), Anthony Wynshaw-Boris (Director, Genetics Training Grant)