Journal Club

Fall 2023 - Sex Differences

September 27: Organizational Meeting
Introductions, GTP advising committee, Program expectations, How to critique a paper, Selection of Fall topic.

October 4: Kween Agba (Zheng Lab)
Ge et al. (2018) The histone demethylase KDM6B regulates temperature-dependent sex determination in a turtle species. Science 360, 645-648. [Journal]

October 11: AJ Daniels (Signer and Bennett Labs)
Lee et al. (2023) Sex-biased T-cell exhaustion drives differential immune responses in glioblastoma. Cancer Discovery 13, 2091-2105. [Journal] [PMC]

October 18: Xiaomi Du (Majithia Lab)
Wingo et al. (2023) Sex differences in brain protein expression and disease. Nature Medicine 29, 2224-2232. [Journal] [PMC]

October 25: Sam Hatch (Yeo Lab)
Gegenhuber et al. (2022) Gene regulation by gonadal hormone receptors underlies brain sex differences. Nature 606, 153-159. [Journal] [PMC]

November 1: CANCELLED

November 8: Brittany Leger (Palmer Lab)
Wang et al. (2022) Sex disparities in influenza: A multiscale network
analysis. iScience 25, 104192. [Journal] [PMC]

November 15: Rachel McMillen (Carlin and Benner Labs)
Sierra et al. (2023) Unusual X chromosome inactivation maintenance in female alveolar type 2 cells is correlated with increased numbers of X-linked escape genes and sex-biased gene expression. Stem Cell Reports 14;18(2):489-502. [Journal] [PMC]

November 22: No class scheduled Thanksgiving Holiday

November 29: Hannah Mummey (Gaulton Lab)
Todd et al. (2019) Stress, novel sex genes, and epigenetic reprogramming orchestrate socially controlled sex change. Science Advances 5, eaaw7006. [Journal] [PMC]

December 6: Mei Okino (Sander and Gaulton Labs)
Cheng et al. (2023) The X-linked epigenetic regulator UTX controls NK cell-intrinsic sex differences. Nature Immunology 24, 780–791. [Journal] [Preprint]

December 13: Faculty Panel. Professors TBA
Responsible Conduct of Research Discussion: Topic TBA

Select Winter topic.


Winter 2023 - TBA

January 10: Mike Cuoco (Gage Lab)

January 17: Shams Al-Azam (Alexandrov Lab)

January 24: Ethan Armand (Ren Lab)

January 31: Liz Chamiec-Case (Bambah-Mukku Lab)

February 7: Weston Elison (Gaulton Lab)

February 14: Jon Freshman (Carlin Lab)

February 21: Trent Gomberg (Yeo Lab)

February 28: Anvita Komarla (Towers Lab)

March 6: Gabrielle Meza (Dickinson Lab)

March 13: Joseph Rainaldi (Mali Lab)

March 20: Faculty Panel.Faculty Panel. Professors TBA
Responsible Conduct of Research Discussion: Topic TBA

Select Spring quarter topic.


Spring 2022 - TBA

April 3: Rachel Weinstein (Rifkin Lab)

April 10: Grace Carter (Meharena Lab)

April 17: Tula Keal (Dixon Lab)

April 24: Challana Tea (Ferguson Lab)

May 1: Camilo Londono (Zheng Lab)

May 8: Jeffrey Chiu (Ren Lab)

May 15: Krysten Jones (Lewis Lab)

May 22: Jose Sandoval (Chi Lab)

June 5: Isabella Ruud (Chavez Lab)

June 12: ProfessorFaculty Panel. Professors TBA
Responsible Conduct of Research Discussion: Topic TBA

Summer Book Club selection